Tomáš Lajtkep

Started to study solo singing privately while studying University of Technology in Brno.
Since 2008 he’s cooperating with leading ensembles of Medieval, Renaissance and
Baroque music in Czech republic and in other european countries. These ensembles
include Collegium Marianum, Cappella Mariana, Collegium 1704, Schola Gregoriana
Pragensis, Ensemble Inégal, Collegium Vocale Gent, Vox Luminis, La Grande Chapelle,
Copenhagen Baroque Soloists, Wrocław Baroque Ensemble.
In the field of interpretation of Baroque and Renaissance music, he draws on
masterclasses from bass Joel Fredericksen, soprano Evelyn Tubb and tenor Erik
In addition to singing, he devotes himself to playing tenor and bass sackbut (Renaissance
style trombone). There were teachers to him excellent players such as Franck Poitrineau,
Bernhard Rainer and Adam Woolf.