Janice B. Stockigt, Andrew Frampton (Australia), Wolfgang Horn, Claudia Lubkoll, Michael Maul, Clemens Harasim, Ansem Hartinger (Germany)


Zelenka festival Prague offers a one-day conference where the well-known Zelenka researchers will present their unpublished findings about Zelenka’s work and his life. The aim of the Zelenka Conference is to create a platform which would give publicity to the results of the contemporary research on Zelenka abroad. Concurrently, it should bring in inspiration to restart the reasearch of Zelenka’s work which has been standing still for many years in the Czech Republic.


Since the mid-twentieth century the music of Jan Dismas Zelenka has reached audiences throughout the globe. The internet has opened a treasure trove to lovers of his music with autographs of his own compositions and sacred works from his impressive music collections now available online. While this heritage increasingly is becoming familiar to listeners through concerts, recordings, and broadcasts, it is appropriate to pause to reflect upon advances in our knowledge made in recent years about Zelenka and his music, and to consider directions Zelenka Research now might pursue


Titles of speeches:.

Janice Stockigt:

“Zelenka and the Sectarian Politics of Saxony: 1733”


Wolfgang Horn:

„Elements, forms and genres in the masses of Jan Dismas Zelenka“


Clemens Harasim:

„Zelenkas Magnificat-Vertonungen ZWV 107 und ZWV 108 im Kontext zeitgenössischer Marienkompositionen“


Claudia Lubkoll:

„Watermarks in Jan Dismas Zelenka’s vesper psalms“


Michael Maul:

„Nitzschner, Graf Brühl, Zelenka und das Pirnaer Kantorat“



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